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Constantine Is Back

Constantine is back well animated anyways he is The CW Seed newest animated series. Well with all the news today seems we got just a little more. The CW announced it will be bringing back Constantine as a animated series on their Seed platform. Matt Ryan who starred as the character on the brief NBC series will return to voice John, Greg Berlanti will produce it 'like he doesn't have enough already to do.'  Key art for the character above.

Matt Ryan did reprise his role of John Constantine in Arrow to bring one of the major characters back.

Following The CW's announcement of the Constantine animated series, Pedowitz spoke to reporters about what bringing the character to the CW Seed means for the Arrow verse and beyond.

"They're all somewhat connected now to the Arrow verse for our purposes. We look at CW Seed as an extension," he said. "It's great to have Constantine. It's a great message to everybody that 'come to CW Seed and don't be bored.'"

Berlanti and David Goyer (who executive produced the live-action series for NBC) have just started working on the Constantine animated series. Pedowitz said there haven't been discussions of which live action supporting characters may or may not be back for the new show, or how this version of Constantine will connect back to the live action story lines he's been a part of. Well I'm sure a lot of viewers can't wait. Production just started no release date yet besides it will be on The CW Seed platform.

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